Studio Terms for Commissioned Artwork:
  • 50% deposit to start, nonrefundable. (check or PayPal)
  • Balance must be paid when artwork is complete as verified by a photo of the finished work sent to you. (Paypal only)
  • There is a minimum  $12. shipping & handling  fee, within the continental U.S., or you may pick up in Nashua NH  by appointment. 
  • At my discretion, there may be a fee for additional work beyond beyond the original specifications.
  • Usual turnaround time is 10 days. Rush jobs may cost extra.
  • *There can be no changes to the artwork once I begin.

On-Site Caricature Drawing Service prices vary according to date, location and length of time.  Please write with details and I'll waste no time getting a quote to you.

To place an order or ask a question, submit this form.

I won't use your email for any purpose except to write back.

Commissioned Artwork from my studio.

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Instructional Data

  1. Find good, clear photographs for me to draw from. Faces should be larger than 2" and eye colors noted. Send them by USPS, email, text or hand delivery in the Nashua NH area. Be sure to send your contact information.
  2. Pick a size for the picture.
  3.  Determine how many subjects in the drawing (people & animals). This affects the price.
  4.  Determine when you need the finished drawing. The normal turnaround is 10 days. Rush work affects the price.
  5. Determine whether it is to be sent to you or whether you can pick it up in the Hudson NH area. This affects the price.
  6. Extra props and complicated themes affect the price.
  7. Your drawing would be un-matted, unframed.